Cyberpunk: Weight of the World...

Weight of the World Campaign

This Campaign is set in the Cyberpunk World using the Cyberpunk 2020 System.

The year is 2077 the game is mainly based in Night City in the Free State of Northern California.

This game has the following Characters.

Doc Q
A Meditech who works mainly in and around the Combat Zone performing various medical services.

A Solo who works for the Yakuza in Night City.

A Fixer who can find anyone.

A Nomad of the The Obsoletes Tribe of the Aldecaldos Nation.*

A Night City police officer who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty from time to time.

A Techie that that is a master of fixing, modifying, and creating firearms.

An Arasaka Corp who is of one of ten managers in Arasaka’s Weapon Division.


Gamer_Geekus_Alpha Gamer_Geekus_Alpha

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