Agent Chrome

Mysterious Government Agent and Major Ally to Slapshot


Role: Agent
Ethnicity: Anglo-American
Age: 29
Weight: 219 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue


INT 10
REF 10
MA 8/10
BODY 7/12
EMP 10/7


Slapshot first met the man known to you as Agent Chrome just after Slapshot graduated from the academy. Slapshot’s department was having trouble with catching a serial killer and asked for government assistance.
Unlike most governmental operatives Agent Chrome was direct and to the point. He helped the task force catch the killer and then gave credit to where it was due, to Slapshot and his fellow officers.
Since then Slapshot has worked with Agent Chrome on a number of occasions. Slapshot keeps in contact with various emails and at times Slapshot needs help or he needs help. He does love the whole cloak and dagger thing a bit too much but he knows things that most people will ever know. One thing that is great about him is that even Corporate big wigs are afraid of government agents.
Agent Chrome also could care less is you are a little bit dirty. Sometimes his appearance changes from time to time but you always know its him. Sometimes though his appearance is like a black cat. After he appears larger things start to happen. He is a walking enigma covered in an steel case of mystery. Most likely the less Slapshot knows about him the better.

Agent Chrome

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