Dante El Santo

Mexican Medtech Who Was Once a Pro-Wrestler?


Role: Medtech (Ex-Athlete)
Ethnicity: Mexican
Age: 34
Height: 7’6"
Weight: 356 lbs
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Light Brown


REF 10
ATTR 6/10
MA 8/10
BODY 10/15
EMP 10/8


JJ’s met some strange people on the streets of Night City, but this guy wins the prize by a long shot. Rumor has it the man known as Dante Santo used to be some sort of Mexican Wrestler when it was flesh vs flesh and not borg vs borg.
According to urban legend, Dante Santo was on top of the Wrestling world until he was “requested” to take a dive for the Mexican Mafia. Dante refused and his entire family from his great, great, grandmother to his cat were executed.
Dante went on a killing every member from the lowest streetscum to the Godfather that ruled the mafia at the time. He was kicked out of Mexico and told never to return.
Finding his way to Night City he began to work on the streets as get this…a streetdoc because apparently he has a medical degree too. All JJ really knows is that Santo is the largest medtech JJ’s ever met. At 7’6" and over 350 pounds of solid muscle, don’t pay him at your own discretion.

Dante El Santo

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