Hobo Joe

Night City's Youngest and Most Attractive Homeless Man


Role: Squatter
Ethnicity: Anglo-American
Age: 22
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue


INT 10
REF 10
MA 10/12
BODY 9/12
EMP 10/9


Hobo Joe is quite an enigma, when JJ first talked to him he asked for a five euro. Since JJ happened to have five euro that had blood on it and didn’t want to get caught with it JJ gave it to him.
Then he told JJ that Dai Lung guns were the thing to buy for next fwe weeks. JJ thought it was the ramblings of some homeless guy. Two weeks later the word was out that the Dai Lung guns were getting grabbed at the border, price for the pistol soared over 400% for another two weeks.
The next time JJ offered Hobo Joe ten bucks, but he didn’t want ten bucks…he wanted something else.
Hobo Joe is like a fountain of useful information, only problem is that Hobo Joe makes strange requests that turn into memorable adventures. In the long run Hobo Joe always seems to make you money or have the info JJ needs to stay above water, even if sometimes his advice is like Yoda talk sideways while under a pool of booze.