Jubei "Zhinobi" Namura

Son of Namsei Namura and Minor Ally to Eclipse and Roz


Role: Prowler
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 19
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 188 lbs
Hair Color: Black & Red
Eye Color: Red


REF 10
ATTR 6/8
MA 10/12
BODY 6/9
EMP 10/8

First and only son of Night City Yakuza Leader Namsei Namura. Although he is a Yakuza son he is yet to be brought into the fold completely. Due to this Jubei walks the line between tradition and modern times. Jubei also seems to be walk the hard path instead of the easy route. He works for a living while attending Night City University and lives in a small shithole apartment instead of simply living off of his father success. In some ways he almost seems like two entirely different people, when with his father he is stoic, cold, and calculating. Out his presence he is fun, cheerful, and reckless. His skills as a prowler are not amazing, but he has managed to accomplish quite a few tasks and garner a small reputation not affiliated to the Yakuza with his skills. His handle currently is Zhinobi for his almost ninja like skills coupled with his the modern technology he uses to get the job done.

Jubei "Zhinobi" Namura

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