Head of Security and Handyman for Edgerunner Estates Apartments


Role: Solo (Ex-Athlete)
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 46
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 352 lbs
Hair Color: Pale Blond
Eye Color: Blue


INT 10
REF 10
ATTR 8/1
MA 10/12
BODY 10/19
EMP 10/6

Mongrel is believed to have once been Grieg Vrace, the Heavy Weight Champion and held the longest undisputed streak in boxing history. Story goes that he finally was put up against a Corporate Sponsored Boxer who was not only illegal cybered up and had also become a Cyberpsycho. After horrifically beating Vrace he went on a rampage and killed fourteen people in the crowd, including Vrace’s wife and child. Vrace spent most of his money getting cybered up as well and then found the killer, and beat him to death in a streetfight on live television. After the incident Vrace was banned from boxing and removed from the Boxing Hall of Fame. True or not, Mongrel works as security as well as handyman to the Edgerunner Estates. He is extremely ugly and his hard to look at directly for more than two or three seconds. For some reason the Blood Razors tend to give him very little trouble. Possibly to the way he tends to sweep the streets with those who give him trouble.