Nathan "Arawn" Brùn

Head of Arasaka's Weapon Division in Night City


Role: Corp (Ex-Techie)
Ethnicity: Irish/American
Age: 36
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Green


INT 10
ATTR 8/10
MA 6/8
EMP 10/8
BODY 7/10


Sterling’s Boss and Head of the Weapons Division, he the only person you know in Arasaka that was born a Nomad. No one has any idea how or why he joined Arasaka but rumor has it he was offered a ton of money to become a fixture instead of consultation work. Nathan (or Nate to his friends) used to be quite a tech wiz, but he gave it up for a desk job. He knows more about technology than anybody else in the Night City office.
Nathan handles the balance between being a great corporate boss and technogical gruru. All the techs and almost all of his subordinates love him. He doesn’t agree with all the Arasaka practices for punishing employees though which has has had him bump heads with Porter from time to time.
Nathan is someone that most people within Arasaka aspire to become. Someone so damn valuable to be killed or let go. Luckily, Nathan is happy in his position and has no desire to continue up in the company dangerous ladder.

Nathan "Arawn" Brùn

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