Cyberpunk: Weight of the World...

The Storm Hits
Where did everybody go?

With major Corporations Arasaka, Militech, and Biotechnica Prepared To Go To War With The legions of Combat Zone gangs being led by the Blood Razors the Corps prepared unmarked AVs

Breathing Room

With some time to take this all in. Everyone seemed to have something that needed to be done.

Rick “Slapshot” McHenry finally made contact with Mistress Black. Luckily she had much information for the person Slapshot was looking for. told him that the person was in fact the son of a wealthy and powerful Biotechnica Corporate Division Head. This “Rick” was a young man who had upset a few people in the past for spending time with the girls without paying his tab. Currently Rick hadn’t left his father’s residence for a week and a half. This location is located in a Biotechnica housing district protected by the Militech Corporation.

Kobayashi “Sora” got to bed early so he could be on time to Titan Technologies so witness and participate in Venom new prototype cybernetic implant. Dr. Quint “Doc Q” Kane was almost late but and did a fine job with the surgery. Kobayashi “Sora” checked the double checked the implant before, during and after surgery and all was working in the normal paramaters. One issue that did come up was that the Kurt “Venom” Morrison‘s brain wave patterns didn’t completely level out after close examination Kobayashi “Sora” , Theodore “Ted” Titan and discovered that Kurt “Venom” Morrison had modified the program just prior to surgery. Dr. Quint “Doc Q” Kane decided to watch himself much to many of the Titan Technologies medics and technical staff’s dismay.

Jimmy “JJ” Taborik was contacted by Bookworm, an informant of his. For the small price of 50 Eb. Jimmy “JJ” Taborik he discovered he was number 2 on the list of the Russian Mafia, as well that a few others were also being hunted down and that the Russian Mafia has more information on than he believed. Jimmy “JJ” Taborik contacted Sergeant Henry Stern, who was surprised as the call. After a small discussion, they came to an agreement. Sergeant Henry Stern would make it harder for the number one target of the Russian Mafia to be found while Jimmy “JJ” Taborik reciprocated by contacting Rick “Slapshot” McHenry about an ally of his named Gremlin .

Finally Lucas Sterling had many people to contact in an attempt to gain information. spoke with the Observer at length about possible attackers and Yakuza/Arasaka relations. It was clear that the observer believed an Arasaka/Yakuza alliance was possible. As for the attackers the Observer didn’t have any information on whom they could be. Lucas Sterling then went to Azuma "Shogun"Arasaka who informed him of Ravage , and the remainder of his team.
A small discussion with determined that he felt an alliance with the Yakuza was possible but potential dangerous.

Azuma "Shogun"Arasaka also felt that Namsei Namura could be trusted more than Yasume Kanzaki. shared the false Arasaka chip implant , and a short discussion on how Azuma "Shogun"Arasaka would have dealt with the problem followed. Lucas Sterling then went and had a short discussion with Namsei Namura about possible attackers. Namsei Namura felt that it wasn’t Yasume Kanzaki’s Yakuza but whoever it was had been double played by someone else since they lost their crew due to the emergency shut down of the Yakuza complex.

A short discussion of the netrunning emergency protocols could have been followed. Namsei Namura was clear that it couldn’t have been hacked from the NET since it wasn’t hooked to the NET, and any attempt to activate it to be hooked up to the net would have shut down the system altogether. Namsei Namura also stated that his own netrunner had been found still hooked up to the system but the DNA of both Namsei Namura , and Tadachi "Karaoshi " Katō, were needed to shut down the complex in that manner. Lucas Sterling noted that Namsei Namura’s blood had been spilled while in the Combat Zone. concurred that to be a possibility.

Weight of the World Campaign

This Campaign is set in the Cyberpunk World using the Cyberpunk 2020 System.

The year is 2077 the game is mainly based in Night City in the Free State of Northern California.

This game has the following Characters.

Doc Q
A Meditech who works mainly in and around the Combat Zone performing various medical services.

A Solo who works for the Yakuza in Night City.

A Fixer who can find anyone.

A Nomad of the The Obsoletes Tribe of the Aldecaldos Nation.*

A Night City police officer who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty from time to time.

A Techie that that is a master of fixing, modifying, and creating firearms.

An Arasaka Corp who is of one of ten managers in Arasaka’s Weapon Division.

Hunting the Hunters

The team had to make a decision, do they keep the A.I. for themselves or do they return it to Titan Technologies for a possible greater prize?

The Big Easy...Not So Easy

After finally contacting the Infocomp Representative in New Orleans, the Team

All Expenses Paid...

After arriving hope JJ was delivered a message from someone at Infocomp.


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