The world has never been a nice place…most of the United States is a wasteland due to climate changes and nuclear bombs. Nomad packs travel from place to place moving herds of thousands of their tribesmen. Cities dominate the landscape under the control of the failing American Government while being dominated by Corporations high above the populace within their glass and concrete towers. Meanwhile the streets are filled with mayhem as underworld syndicates battle for control using Boostergangs to tear up their rivals blocks brick by brick.

So where do you fit into all of this?

Perhaps you work for one of Corporations trying to get your slice of power or wealth. You might be a Nomad seeking aid for your Tribe while trying to create a life that isn’t always on the road. You could a work for the Mob, battling others from control of your territories. You could work for the Government, trying to create some order in a world filled with chaos. Finally you might simply work for yourself taking jobs where you can take them. In the world of Cyberpunk this is pretty standard…but something has changed. What appeared to be a simple job almost became you grave when New Orleans was attacked by an unknown terrorist cell and turned into a smoking crater. Things are changing, Boostergangs and Crime Syndicates have begun targeting Corporations directly. The Seven Nations have begun an invasion to take taken control of the crumbling city of Las Vegas. Corporations __and Governments alike have begun to set their sights on the last of humanities’ resources.

Somewhere the drums of war are sounding…but who are beating them?