Aiko Kanzaki

Son of Yasume Kanzaki


Role: None
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 4’3"
Weight: 54 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green (Blue Contacts)

Akio was named by his Grandfather, the name means love child, it is believed he was named that out of spite of his mother’s sex out of wedlock. In time though his grandfather truly began to love him. Still he had Yasume’s defiance in his blood. He loved spending time with the Fixer Adonis who was th e only person who treated him like a person and not a child nor a Yakuza prince. After his grandfather killed himself before his eyes his view of his world began to change. His mother became more cold…not more cold she just showed it more. He hear rumors of a war brewing. He wanted to scream and lash out. He found another way by a music chip he found on the ground one day. Cobaltwas like a telepathic savior to him. His music had all his emotions wrapped up in musical masterpiece to his ears. He dyed his hair blue and wore blue contact lenses to be similar to his hero. When his mother found out she beat him senseless. Now he sneaks out on nights when Cobalt is performing and dons the blue hair and contacts like some superhero costume to defy his mother secretly.

After meeting him Cobaltalso took him under his wing. Teaching him how to sing and play the guitar. He hopes to become an inspirational Rockerboy when he grows up.

Aiko Kanzaki

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