Kenji Shinno

Bastard Son of the Last Japanese Emperor


Role: Unknown
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 60
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 217 lbs
Hair Color: Black & White
Eye Color: Silver

Bastard son to the late Emperor Shinno, Kenji was given a large inheritance upon his family’s death. Being a bastard child he has no right to the throne. Kenji prefers it this way. Kenji has traveled the world learned a dozen languages and the culture of every country he has come into contact with. Eventually he returned to his mother’s family within the Yakuza and has become an adviser or amazingly high status. Kenji likes tradition but knows that to survive the Yakuza needs to accept some modern ideas in order to not only survive but to expand into other countries around the world. He also believes that if the Yakuza were to gain an ally in the Corporation Arasaka they could become unstoppable. Besides testing the two Yakuza Clans, Shinno hopes to contact people within Arasaka to see if some sort of deal could be struck that would be the first step into a possible alliance. If Kenji has any flaws its is insatiable sexual appetite. He loves women and he loves having sex with them in exciting and different ways.

Kenji Shinno

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