Namsei Namura

Oyabun of the Yakuza in Night City


Role: Fixer (Yakuza Mobster)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 40
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


INT 10
REF 10
ATTR 8/10
MA 8/10
BODY 8/10
EMP 10/9


Head of the Yakuza in Night City, also known as the Oyabun. Nemsei was sent after the death of the previous Oyabun Hichoigo Kanzaki. Although Hichigo committed seppuku, the clans felt his death was too convenient to allow his daughter Yasume to take control.
Many of the older previous members of the Yakuza flocked to him. But at the moment Namsei has allowed Yasume Kanzai to continue although a war is an eventuality.
Namsei has been an advisor for the Clans for some time. He knows Night City and knows how it works. Currently Namsei is trying to ensure that the other crime syndicates see his Yakuza as the true one.
Namsei is cunning, honorable, and patient. He seems to have a liking to American culture and therefore is excellent in dealing with the other crime families as well as Edgerunners that are not of Japanese decent.

Namsei Namura

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